Make Undertale Fullscreen

How to Make Undertale Fullscreen [One-Click Guide]

When I bought Undertale and firstly launched it, I wasn’t patient enough to wait until the introduction section ends and figure out how to make Undertale fullscreen. I immediately closed it and started researching forums and other instructions on how to go fullscreen in Undertale while the answer was always there, after the introductory video.

If you are looking for how to make Undertale fullscreen, you are not patient as well; thus, I have prepared this short guideline on how you can make Undertale fullscreen in a few simple steps in order to save your time that you value tremendously.

The guideline itself includes two different methods on making Undertale fullscreen. The first one is based upon pressing a button which developers provided specifically for that case, and the second is a general Windows command that helps to go fullscreen in any application.

So, do you want to make Undertale fullscreen? Follow one of the methods I have left below.
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