STALKER Games in Order

STALKER Games in Order. How to Play the Series? [Full Guide]

Playing STALKER is an amazing experience but nowadays, there are three games in the series and it might be a little bit intimidating to choose the first STALKER game to start with.

One wrong decision and an engaging and twisted plot can be replaced with a boring story that is so easy to predict.

However, you are not alone. Personally, I almost had started with STALKER: Call of Pripyat first when I was about to begin playing the series, but I was patient enough to make a research and find out the right order to play STALKER games. And after you read this article, you will be lucky to do it the right way too.

This article contains all STALKER games in order with a brief explanation of why you had better start with it and what you can expect from every part of the series.

So, want to know what order to play STALKER? Let’s dive in!
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