Best Zombie Survival Games for PC (Must Play in 2022)

January 19, 2022

Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

This question probably is very common among gamers.

And whenever you say, ‘Of course, I will survive!’ to your friends, do you have any proofs of that?

I think you don’t.

Therefore, I have gathered the best zombie survival games for PC to help you test and prepare yourself for a zombie apocalypse.

Dying Light

1. Dying Light

The first best zombie survival game I want to mention is Dying Light.

It is a first-person action game, where you have to search for resources and craft weapons in order to defeat hordes of zombies.

Besides that, Dying Light also has a cooperative mode, so you will be able to fight zombies with your friends together in a team of up to 4 players.

Left 4 Dead 2

2. Left 4 Dead 2

The second best zombie survival game is Left 4 Dead 2.

As well as its first chapter, Left 4 Dead 2 is a highly rated zombie apocalypse game which has millions of fans over the world.

Although it has a single player mode, it has become commonplace to say that it is cooperative action horror shooter because people are in love with its cooperative mode.

In the game itself, you will have to complete quests and defeat crowds of zombies that do their best to prevent you from success.

Also, Left 4 Dead 2 supports PvP mode where you can play not only as a human but zombie as well. Don’t worry, you won’t be just a casual zombie which can die from a few shots. Instead, you will have a powerful character with a unique set of skills.

Resident Evil 2

3. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a remastered remake of the well known second game of Resident Evil which is going to get live soon, on 25 January 2019, probably when you are reading this article, it is already has been released.

Unlike the previous zombie survival games, it does not have a cooperative mode.

Despite this fact, it is still worth playing because of its astonishing plot.

The world of Resident Evil is engulfed by a deadly virus which has turned most of the residents into zombies. And its fate is on your own shoulders.

Saving the world, you will have to solve dozens of riddles and fight horrifying bosses.

The Walking Dead

4. The Walking Dead

The next best zombie survival game is The Walking Dead.

Its universe is based on the award-winning comic book series of Robert Kirkman.

The game consists of five episodes where you will be playing as a criminal in the past, Lee Everett who does everything to save the life of an orphaned girl from the dangers of zombie apocalyptic world in order to cleanse himself of the sins he has done before.

Now, let’s talk about The Walking Dead’s gameplay a little.

The game is developed by Telltale and as the majority of their games, The Walking Dead is a graphic adventure where the whole plot will be based on the decisions you make.

State of Decay 2

5. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is an open world third-person cooperative zombie survival game where you will have to survive the apocalypse by building a shelter, developing a character, and finding supplies.

As I mentioned before, State of Decay 2 is a cooperative zombie survival game, so you can team up with your friends into a squad and survive zombie apocalypse together.

The gameplay consists of the quests for each character that have a variety of solutions that make lasting consequences on the way you survive.


6. Scum

Although this online zombie survival game is only on the early access stage, it already has a lot of popularity and positive reviews.

Scum is an open world multiplayer online game where 64 players need to get off the island. And it is not even necessary to have a fight between each of them. On the contrary, you can team up in order to increase your chances for survival.

The developers made sure that the game is very close to reality; therefore, you need to look not only for the equipment but other supplies necessary for human existence as well such as food, medicine, and more.

You even can maintain a diet to increase your performance.

Scum also has elements of character development, so you will be able to improve your character by the experience you earn from certain events.

In addition to that, this best zombie survival game has a beloved crafting system.


7. DayZ

Another best zombie survival game for PC which deserves your attention is DayZ.

It is almost the same game as Scum, but instead of escaping the island, you just need to survive as long as you can on the space of a post-soviet country which is populated by zombies after it was infected by an unknown virus.

There can be up to 60 players on the same map at a time. So, be careful! While you can find a friend which will make your survival easier, you also can run into an enemy and if you get killed by him, you will have to start it all over again.

7 Days to Die

8. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is another open-world zombie survival game.

But while there are some similar features in the game such as crafting, cooperating or fighting against each other, looting for the best gears and supplies, and driving cars, 7 Days to Die has more capabilities which makes it better than previous games. Let’s talk about each of them in details.

First of all, here you can build your own structures from the ground-up, or over a ruin with traps to defend from zombies and other players who might be interested in capturing your house.

Secondly, however Scum also has a character improvement feature, it is not developed as far as in 7 Days to Die. It is the only zombie survival game with over 60 interconnected skill and perk groups where you can improve your skills in a variety of different disciplines.

The next awesome things you may find in 7 Days to Die are dynamic treasure maps that can lead you to precious buried loot and quest notes that give useful rewards and skill points after their completion.

Lastly, there is an ability to build your own farm and hunt for the wild animals.

Besides that, in 7 Days to Die you can also choose which game mode you prefer to play: solo or multiplayer.

In a single player mode, you will find yourself immersed in a campaign world with an interesting story, while in multiplayer you will have to survive on the randomly-generated open world with your friends.

How to Survive

9. How to Survive

How to Survive is a zombie survival video game from an overhead perspective which you can play alone or with a friend in one of the two modes: campaign and challenge.

Its campaign is a journey with an exciting storyline. And in the challenge, you will have to get to the other side of the island through huge waves of zombies where the rescue ship is waiting for you.

In each of these modes, you can loot resources, craft better weapons, and develop the character’s skills in a unique way.

Project Zomboid

10. Project Zomboid

As well as How to Survive, Project Zomboid is a zombie survival game from an overhead perspective.

And although the game has poor graphics, it is the most realistic zombie survival game in this list.

Project Zomboid has limitless capabilities; you can scavenge for supplies, craft, build, cook, farm, fish, develop skills based on your in-game activities (not just by earning experience), and more.

Besides that, you will also be dealing with people’s problems such as anxiety, depression, hunger, etc.

As I said, everything here is like in a real life, and you will not be given a machine gun to kill all the zombies.

The only way the game ends is your death, the question is – ‘How long will you survive?’

That’s it! I hope my best zombie survival games list has become useful for you, and you already know which game do you want to play. I wish you having a good time surviving zombie apocalypse.

If I have missed a good zombie survival game, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! Good Luck!