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Top 6 PC Gacha Games on Steam (2020 Update)

Gacha games are video games that inherited their mechanics form the capsule-toy vending machine where you need to spend virtual currency, usually obtained by investing real money, in order to experience the luck of getting a valuable item which helps you to progress in a game.

They have become very popular on mobile platforms as they are easy to monetize and don’t require too much development effort. And from the perspective of players, this is a great type of game that doesn’t require their full attention and can be played while watching TV or doing something else.

When I tried to find some gacha games on PC, I had found that there aren’t too many available options; moreover, this topic isn’t covered well on the Web.

Therefore, I have prepared a list of top 6 PC gacha games that you can find on Steam.

Some of them are free and some of them aren’t. But believe me, you’d better purchase games of this type; otherwise, you will get a game that is completely focused on making you want to spend money along the way. And as a result, you are likely to pay even more.
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