Best JavaScript Coding Challenge Websites for Beginners (2022 Update!)

August 21, 2022

In this post, I will share the best websites with JavaScript coding challenges where you can practice your skills.

So, if this is exactly what you've been looking for, let’s begin.


1. freeCodeCamp

My favorite website with JavaScript challenges is freeCodeCamp.

Even though initially this is a platform for learning JavaScript for beginners, it has sections with lots of challenges that will help you master your skills, improve algorithmic thinking, and prepare for a coding interview.

Right now, freeCodeCamp is the only platform I use.

If you are stuck with a problem, it immediately gives you access to hints and multiple solutions with explanations of each step.

Besides that, I love the minimalistic design of the website and the code editor, and I think freeCodeCamp has the best user interface among all of the platforms on this list.

To find the exercises I mentioned, you need to open the "JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures" course and move to one of the following sections: "Basic Algorithm Scripting," "Intermediate Algorithm Scripting," or "JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects."

Also, there is an entire course with over 500 JavaScript coding challenges called “Coding Interview Prep.”


2. Codewars

The second best JavaScript coding challenge website is Codewars.

It is fully dedicated to JavaScript exercises.

One thing I like about Codewars the most is that it’s made in the form of a game: you gain points for completing challenges, increase your rank, and compete with other players on the leaderboard.

Codewars has a big library of challenges that you can filter by difficulty levels, popularity, completion rate, positive reviews, etc., which will help you find the best challenges for yourself.

After completing a challenge, you can find how other users solved the problem and see which solution is the most popular.


3. JSchallenger

JSchallenger is the easiest website with JavaScript challenges to start with. However, as you progress, the difficulty increases, and even if you’re not a beginner, you still will be able to find great challenges.

There are only about one hundred exercises, and while you may think it’s too little, I can assure you that this is enough for the majority of people who want to learn JavaScript, because I think you should spend more time building your own projects rather than solving JavaScript challenges.

Unlike all of the platforms on this list, JSchallenger is the only website where you can practice DOM manipulation.

The only disadvantage in JSchallenger is the absence of registration. Some people may like it, but if you accidentally erase your browser data it may be disappointing to see your progress reset.


4. Edabit

Another great place with JavaScript coding challenges is Edabit.

It has over 10,000 challenges, more than all the platforms I mentioned today altogether, that range from elementary problems that you can solve in seconds up to extremely difficult challenges.

Repetition is one of the essential parts of learning, and this is how Edabit stands out with the practice section, where you can repeat challenges you’ve already completed.

Also, when you work on a specific challenge, this website provides you with links to relevant topics where you can get knowledge to solve the problem.


5. Exercism

The last coding challenge website I recommend you to try is Exercism.

Here you will find 139 more fun and challenging JavaScript exercises that look more like real-life assignments.

As well as freeCodeCamp, Exercism has a great design in its own way, but one thing I dislike about this platform is the code editor, which looks messy sometimes, and it may be a turning point for beginners.

And that’s all the best websites with JavaScript coding challenges I wanted to share with you today.

I hope this article was helpful, and now you know where to practice your coding skills.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. Goodbye!