How to Find a Game That You Forgot the Name Of

How to Find a Game You Forgot the Name Of (or Can’t Remember)

Nowadays, there are millions of games, and it becomes easier to forget their titles each day.

Sometimes, you can’t remember the name of a game so strong that you never find out what it was unless you accidentally stumble upon it.

And you are not the only person who has ever stuck in the problem. There are hundreds of people who try to find a game they forgot the name of on forums daily.

The good news is this article will teach you seven practical steps you can take if you can’t remember the name of a game that I use personally and recommend other people in order to successfully manage such issues.

So, want to know how to find a game that you forgot the name of? Let’s figure it out.

How to Find a Game That You Forgot the Name Of?

Ask on Forums

1. Ask on Forums

The first step I want you to do right before anything else is to create a new topic on a forum so that while you will be using other techniques, people will be walking through your post and somebody would give the right answer. There are thousands of forums you can leave your question on, but I recommend starting with these big ones:

Make sure to provide as many details as you can about the game you forgot the name of, this includes: its genre, platform, theme, perspective, characters, special mission, or any other unique feature you remember. People are kind and willing to help today. So, in most cases, this method works perfectly, but while your question is still unanswered, let’s proceed with the next steps.

Game Databases

2. Game Databases

After you left a question on a forum, try to find a game that forgot the name of by yourself with the help of game databases. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Select as many options as you can remember and they will give you a list of games that match your requirements.

Just Google

3. Just Google

Google is the biggest search engine in the world where you can find literally everything. Why don’t we use it to find our game?

Just type in distinctive characteristics of the game you can’t remember the name of, and it will most likely give you the right answer immediately. For example, if you are looking for Outlast, your search query should include something like this: “a horror game where you play as a journalist in a hospital with a video camera.”
If it doesn’t work, try again with a more specific query or go to the next step.

Google Images

4. Google Images

Another cool feature from Google is Google Images. It works in the same way as the Search but instead of websites on search engine results pages, you will be offered a lot of related images.

So again, in the case with the Outlast, I suggest you would write something like this: “horror game video camera,” and it should give you the proper answer right away. If not, try to scroll down for a while, maybe there are other games that match your query or try once again but be more specific this time to filter out more irrelevant games.

In case you still can’t find the game, let’s move on.

Search Google by Images

5. Search Google by Images

It is unlikely that you have a screenshot from the game you forgot the name of but if you do, this time, try searching Google by images. Google has a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence which is profound at recognizing pictures; therefore, as a result on your search query, it will offer visually similar images that are usually related to the game you are looking for.

Search by Music from the Game

6. Search by Music from the Game

Google, Google, and Google. As well as the previous tips, this one also includes services provided by Google: YouTube and Google Search. Thus, if you know a name of any soundtrack or its author from the game you can’t remember the name of, simply put it into a search box on the YouTube or Google Search including “OST” and “game” keywords. This way, it will tell us from which game the soundtrack is.

Look for the Best Games of the Genre

7. Look for the Best Games of the Genre

The last tip also features Google Search. If you haven’t managed to find the game that you can’t remember the name of using the methods above, it means you know pretty much nothing about the game. So now, instead of being specific, let’s try to be broad and look for the best games of the genre. For example, if I were looking for the Outlast, this is how my search query would look like: “best horror games.” As a result, you will get a list of best games of the similar genre with your game and you will have to go through tens or even hundreds of games in order to find the right one.


To sum up, although it is hard to find a game that you forgot the name of, using these powerful seven techniques I have outlined above tremendously increases your chances for success. So, make sure to use each of them properly and don’t forget to look up to the answers to your question you left during the first step. There are likely to be some answers already.

Hope my article was useful and you have found the game you can’t remember the name of.

Also, if none of these methods helps, try to describe your game in the comments section below, and I will help you to figure it out.

Furthermore, if you have another cool way to find the game that you forgot the name of, please share it with us in the comments as well in order to make this page even more valuable.

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